Directional Harmonic Theory: A Computational Gestalt Model to Account for Illusory Contour and Vertex Formation

Steven Lehar

Version One

The complete paper as originally submitted.

Version Two

With section on "Eigenfunctions of Perceptual Processing" expurgated by Reviewer #2. But reviewer 2 did request that the computation be specified mathematically, which I admit was an improvement, so this is the version that I endorse.

Version Three

With still more sections expurgated by Reviewer #2, eliminating

I used to wonder why papers in peer reviewed journals were always so dry and boring and pedantic, focusing on minute details instead of larger issues. Now I know why. Reviewer #2 complains: "I struggled to follow precisely what problem was to be solved. My attention wandered frequently as I tried to extract the central issues and ideas from the dense camouflage of abstract and argumentative text." These guys simply don't understand the larger issues of perception, which I consider to be the most interesting aspect of the problem.