Editor's Comments

Dear Dr. Lehar,

Your paper will require substantial revision before it can be considered for publication in Perception. Reviewer #1 and #2 could not follow the details of your computational model. Indeed, it is apparent that you need to incorporate equations into your manuscript that allow the reader to follow the operations of your model quantitatively. The third reviewer offered some figures as a test of the predictions of your model. Two of the reviewers thought the paper was too long, and redundant in many places. In preparing a revision, please respond carefully to the comments of all three reveiwers, but particularly to reviewer #2 because I will send your revision back to this reviewer for a second look. When you resubmit this paper, please include a cover letter to me describing the changes you have made.

Thank you for submitting your research to Perception.


Suzanne P. McKee

Executive Editor for America

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