"the changes do not address my previous editorial comments"

What? That's IT? Thats all you have to say?

No discussion? No argument? Just rejected? Simple as that?

After ALL THIS???


You, Dr. Baars, are a Donkey's Ass of the highest caliber!

Your journal would be more appropriately named:

"Unconsciousness and Incogitance"

There ought to be a disclaimer in the mission statement of the journal:

"Only Naive Realists need apply!"

"We will not publish papers that challenge our cherished Naive Realist assumptions!"

Imagine! Professional philosophers, and they're ALL Naive Realists! Who would have thunk it?

You won't get away with it Baars! You can't suppress this idea forever! The truth will come out in the end! And when it does, you and your miserable journal will be a laughing stock! This whole shameful process is fully documented on my web site for all the world to see!

You can go ahead and ignore me now, Baars. But you haven't heard the last of my theories!


Do you see yourself in this picture Dr. Baars?

Steve Lehar

Dr. Baars Responds