Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 09:54:44 +0100
To: Steve Lehar
From: Anthony Freeman
Subject: Re: Review progress?

Dear Steve,

Please find below the expanded review of the original senior referee and the brief message from one of the "fresh" referees (see my December email) whose full report I still await.

The other of the fresh referees wrote some time ago to say he had been abroad and did I still need him to referee your paper. I said he need not do so, since I already had negative responses from two prominent scholars.

The subsequent delay, for which I apologise, has been caused by my waiting for the outstanding full report. However, since the recommendation of the reviewer concerned is not in doubt, and you certainly deserve a clear answer from me, you may take this as the on- record decision you ask for:

On the basis of the long report and brief message below, JCS is not accepting your paper "The Dimensions of Conscious Experience: A Quantitative Analysis" for publication.

Yours sincerely,


Reviewer 1 Critique

Reviewer 2 Critique

Author's final comment