Referee #4 Richard Held

I haven't changed my opinion since the first review I sent to you. Essentially this is an updated view of the questions raised by the gestaltists some of which have yet to be answered and are well worth presenting. Modern neuronal approaches to perception inevitably lead to some version of the binding problem -- how to put the pieces together.

Lehar turns this approach on its head and takes the bound product as primitive. Lehar's view is iconoclastic and provocative but, in my estimation, as legitimate as that of the "establishment". It is well worth publishing in a journal dedicated to discussion of varied points of view.

Here is a man with the vision to recognize a paradigmatic issue when he sees one. This is also a man who apparently shares my belief that a novel idea, clearly stated, and supported by reasonable arguments deserves to be released to the larger community without unnecessary fuss and delay, even if it topples a number of sacred cows in the process!