Editor's Comments

Dear Dr. Lehar,

Below are two informal BBS reviews of your ms. "Gestalt Isomorphism and the Primacy of the Subjective Conscious Experience: A Gestalt Bubble Model."

I did not seek a full formal review because I felt it would need more work to give it the scope and substance of a BBS target article. The referees do see a potential target article there, but its empirical, theoretical, conceptual and scholarly scope need to be broadened and deepened first (as highlighted by the CAPITALIZED passages), and a "test-piloting" in BBS's online counterpart, Psycoloquy, might be a good idea too.

[Note: for the .html version the CAPITALIZED passages have been converted to bold instead]

For the details, please see the two informal referee reports below.


Stevan Harnad

Author's Response

Reviewer 1

Response to Reviewer 1

Reviewer 2

Response to Reviewer 2