Response to Reviewer 2

The comments of Reviewer 2 were all positive. Thank you kindly!

As to your difficulty accepting the epistemological claim, I must admit that I find the epistemological implications of indirect realism just as profoundly disturbing and incredible as you do. However, as I now explain in a new section on "The Epistemological Divide", the alternatives of direct realism and projection theory are even more incredible than is indirect realism. One of these three alternatives simply must be true, and it is of central importance to the mission of psychology to discover which it is. The message of this paper is that it is no longer acceptable to remain agnostic on this issue, for until a delibarate choice is made between these three improbable alternatives based on sound logical grounds, no real progress can be possibly made in the investigation of the mechanism of conscious experience, for the selection between these three alternatives defines exactly what visual processing is supposed to actually do.