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The Dimensions of Conscious Experience

The insight of Indirect Perception validates a phenomenological approach to investigating the properties of the visual representation in the brain. In other words we can examine the world around us not as a scientist studying the external world, but as a perceptual scientist studying a rich and complex internal representation.

Phenomenological examination reveals the visual world to be composed of

Every point on every visible surface is experienced as a separate entity, all of which are perceived simultaneously in the form of continuous surfaces in depth. The phenomena of transparency, as well as the perception of empty space between the observer and a visible object demonstrate that multiple depth values can be experienced at every point in visual space. In other words, perceptual experience is like a museum diorama, or theatre set, in which continuous colored surfaces bound volumetric objects embedded in a spatial void.

Whatever the neurophysiological mechanism underlying this perceptual experience, the information content explicitly encoded in that perceptual representation cannot be any less than the information content of the corresponding subjective experience.

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