Definitions of Representationalism

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines representationalism as:

"the view that the objects of perception are ideas or sense data that represent external objects."

The Oxford English Dictionary defines representationism as:

"The doctrine that the immediate object of the mind in perception is only a representation of the real object in the external world."
The On-line Dictionary of Philosophical Terms defines representationalism as:
"Theory of perception according to which we are aware of objects only through the mediation of the ideas that represent them."
The Free On-Line Dictionary of Philosophy defines representationalism as:
"1. in epistemology, representationalism is the view that the only things we can know are our representations of the world (e.g., ideas, perceptions, beliefs, etc.), not the world itself. Epistemological representationalism is therefore opposed to realism, especially to direct realism. The term is most often used in discussions of perception, phenomenalism being the more general term of this sort. "

I see no mention of Tye and Dretske's perverted definition in any of the above sources.